About Us

About Us

All About Pay Day Loans is an informational site that is here to tell you the trust about payday loans. We know most of you believe what you want to hear- and chances are if you are reading about payday loans you need one. We are a non-profit organization here to simply educate you. Americans are in the worst debt they have been in in years, and we want to put a stop to that. Payday loans only get you into more debt than you were already in. We have asked those of you who are in debt how you got in and how you plan on getting out. We have asked those of you who have used payday loans how they have worked for you. We have researched long and hard to dig up the truth about payday loans- and here it finally is in one simple website. We have recently put this website together and update it frequently to assure you have the freshest news on payday loans when it comes to be that time when you're thinking about getting one. Stop hearing only what you want to, and start listening to the truth- it can save you from debt.

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